Connecticut Labor Law Posters
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Connecticut Labor Posters

Connecticut Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Compliance Center carries a complete line of Connecticut Labor Law Posters. Each contains the generally required state postings and the Combo posters include the federally required postings as well.

The National Labor Relations Board has now released the new private-sector NLRA posting. Labor Law Compliance Center has added this posting to all noted Combo and Federal posters and we are ready to ship the new posters.

Connecticut State / Federal Combination Poster

Connecticut State and Federal Combination Poster

The Connecticut / Federal Combo without contains sll of the general federal and state required postings. You may also choose to get the NLRA poster seperately here.
(27 X 40)

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Connecticut / Federal Combination plus NLRA Poster

Connecticut State and Federal Combination plus NLRA Poster

Connecticut / Federal Combo includes the NLRA required posting for businesses involved in federal contracts. This poster is laminated, full color printed on recycled paper. This poster is also available in both English and Spanish.
(27 X 50)

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Connecticut State Poster

Connecticut State Poster

The Connecticut State Poster includes all generally required State of Connecticut labor posters.
(24 X 36)

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